Tokyo Marui VSR-10 / MIX Cylinder set VC
VACUUM SYSTEM to let fly far away...

Precision Cylinder SET VC includes...
Precision Cylinder (SUS)
Taper Cylinder Head (SUS)
VC Piston (Duralumin + Carbon Steel + Delrin)
Spring Guide (Carbon Steel)
※attach bore-diameter Spring.

※If use this piston to extreme power spring as PDI SS,SPR & over 2J setting,it's possible to be shorter life. Because those sprigns gives extreme power over Toy. It's up to your operation & maintenance.

Usable gun Tokyo Marui VSR-10
About this product. PDI recommend using JP standard CAPBOLT.
M4 x 12mm (S3)
We sell it on other page (
TM original screw is a little smaller than standard.
So if you loose the screw carefully when detach the cylinder & cylinder cap,it'll use again.But roughly,your screw is no available to PDI cylinder.

※The tolerance described by our company refers to the "straight" part which is not machined. The slotted part is not related to the airtight performance so its tolerance is not design to be as tight as other places.
Tokyo Marui VSR-10
MIX Cylinder set VC
SALE ¥15,300
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 If you ignore our rule & breake up your guns、we couldn’t be responsible.
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