Tokyo Marui VSR-10 / W hold chamber packing(70deg)

A new series, unlike the softer type "hardness 50", hardness setting "hardness 70" is added to the lineup of our well-established PDI made W hold chamber packing.

Accuracy is improve by 2 points holding the bb
The biggest feature of PDI packing, W hold is retained. By cutting a notch in the rib center, BB bullets are held at 2 points, resulting in a straight trajectory.Accuracy is also improved.Since the hardness is set at 70, even under higher temperature such as summer constant hardness is maintained.

Ring ribs are set in two places improving air tightness
Two ring ribs on the outside increases the adhesion with the chamber resulting in a excellent air sealage. It also helps to position the chamber packing itself, and sustain it in the best condition.

Best position for BB in VSR-10
The best position for the BB bullet proposed by PDI is somewhere in front from the center of the HOP rib.Since the hop ribs are in contact with the BBs at the standby positions, stable flight is achieved.

High quality nitrile Packing made in Japan
Nitrile rubber produced domestically which is not easily affected by temperature,with good durability, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, tear strength. was chosen.Compared with the conventional 50 hardness type, delicate handling is required in the winter.However it is able to get good performance out of heavier bullets.

Material nitrile rubber(70deg)
Usable gun Tokyo Marui VSR-10
PX4、WARRIORseries、GLOCK18C、FN5-7、DETONCS、G17series、SIG P226、SOCOM、HI-CAPAseries(include EXTREME)、M1911、MEU、GLOCK26series、GLOCK26series...G HOP CHAMBER(after GLOCK26) ※Expect DESERT EAGLE
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Tokyo Marui VSR-10
W hold chamber packing(70deg)
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