Before order, please read this page.
It is very easy! Only 4 step to complete your order.

1: At first, select the item you want.
Under the page, there is the shopping cart.

Look at Pink circle.
This is shopping cart.
Enter below informations.

"COLOR" (Polish, Black,Red...depends on items)
"SCREW" (Positive or Negative, if you want litems ike attachment)
"Qty" (How many you want)

After enter them, please push "Place an order"

2: Open the shopping cart page

There are items you select and enter carts.
Please check the item(color,screw,Qty)

If ther are no mistake, please push the bottun(pink circle)
It is wrriten "Go to the next page to order" inJapanese.

3: About your information.

Pleasae write your information.

First Name and Family Name
Postal Code
Address and Country
Phone No.
E-mail address

If you don't write one of them, we can't ship your items.

About Payment,
We accept Japanese Yen only by PayPal.
Please pay through the Paypal by JPY.

After write your information,
Please push the bottun below.
It is wrriten in Japanese "Go to next page"

Please Note!!
1: Shipping

Now it isn't included in total cost.
After your order, we check stock and their weight.
(The shipping cost depends on weight.)
If you want to know the total cost included shipping, please wait our reply.

You don't need to check it.
It is wrriten in Japanese,
"If you check this box, your PC's cookies remains the date for 90days."

"Common Question"
We can't discount price of INVOICE and can't ship items seperately.

4: Final Confirmation

There are informations what you wrote.
Please check them again.

And push below bottun "Place an order"

Please Note!!
Shipping and Fee isn't included to Total cost.
After your order, we check stock and shipping cost.
Please wait our reply(not Automated).
Don't make payment.

Your order send to us
by an automated e-mail system.
And you get same mails by an automated e-mail system ,too.
The mail's title is" Quotation"
But it isn't included shipping cost.
After your order, we check stock and shipping cost.
Please wait our reply(not Automated).
This is our E-mail address.
If you want to contact us, please send this address.