PDI / M24 RAVEN 2011

1st lot is SOLD OUT,Thanks!
About this product. ※ CA M24 has considerable individual variability.It's possible to modify PDI products to be best fitting.
※ Sound suppressor effect is depended on customer.
※scope,mount ring & bipod are not included.
※ Outer parts are used CA M24 Civilian,so we don't assure the quality.For example,scratch & scar.
M24 RAVEN 2011
SALE ¥59,800
Please read the below policy
We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.
○We couldn't assure the trouble with your lack of skill.
○It may be required to adjust to fit because our custom parts reduce the clearance of normal parts to lead the best condition.
○Do not use the 3rd party products.Because we design with Normal parts or PDI-products.
 If you ignore our rule & breake up your guns、we couldn’t be responsible.
○It is possible to change the spec or design.