Tokyo Marui VSR-10 / Hard Piston(Old Model)
For VSR-10 Precision Cylinder, Old Model Hard Piston Limited Sale!

Air loss is kept to a minimum resulting in unrivaled FPS.
For VSR-10(Straw。& Precision).Except the Vacuum-system ,so would be low cost.High durability.Head is the intake air type.When piston go ahead,the O-ring is spreaded that the air flow in the head.There is no clearance for Cylinder,that's why it keeps airtight.

For PDI SPRING (Outer Dia 13mm)
If use this piston , would be available for PDI-SPRING(SS,SPR, SPR-V),Normal Spring Guide is not abailable.Please take 9mm SPRING GUIDE.
Material Dularmin(Head,Body),Derlin(Ring),Carbon Steel(End)
Usable gun Tokyo Marui VSR-10 (PDI Precision Cylinder)
About this product. ※This piston is made for PDI-Precision cylinder.
※If use this piston to extreme power spring as PDI SS,SPR & over 2J setting,it's possible to be shorter life. Because those sprigns gives extreme power over Toy. It's up to your operation & maintenance.
Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Hard Piston(Old Model)
SALE ¥5040
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