PDI (New) Trigger for TM VSR-10

Normal trigger aims to light pull.Because 2nd sear holds the piston aslant.That's why released the sear,it would be smooth cocking.It's no problem ordinary.

But this is really delicate setting.

we affraid that try to gain the power by Spring,it collapse the balance.

#1 is normal setting.2nd sear keeps the piston upper all of the time.

The below pics is collapsed the balance. At the some points of the piston,scratch the cylinder.
This cause weight of the return.

This is our answer.
Using the normal trigger system,there is no the best way.Actually,we know some ways,like a fixed the set pin to the trigger body,adjust the piston-edge...These are not recommended cause any VSRs have the tolerance.
The best way of solution is using the PDI-Trigger.Next ,we introduce the PDI-Trigger.

PDI Trigger has an unique piston end & sear.This sear holds the piston at rights.
This system has big merit.There is no tension to upper,don't cause the cocking troubles.
And each parts are very highly durable to use the S45C or SUS.

The conclusion
If use the normal trigger system,just a few costs but need a tecnical capabilities & experience.
PDI-Trigger,everyone can use & to be smoothly !
If you check PDI Trigger for normal cylinder or precision cylinder please access to here
If you check PDI Trigger for Bore uo Premier cylinder please access to here

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Trigger for VSR-10
EAvailable to PDI precision cylinder
Trigger for VSR-10
EAvailable to PDI Bore up cylinder

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