「Precision Cylinder SET HD / Maruzen TYPE96」

Precisionシリンダー Lv3 HD / TYPE 96

For Maruzen APS Type96.

Get more durability & save money.
This set has a Precision Cylinder,Taper Cylinder Head,Spring Guide & Hard Piston. If you want total upgrade,this set is lower cost than you purchase each item.
The feature is a Hard Piston.That's superior to maintenance and No VC system would be strong against damages.

※If use this piston to extreme power spring as PDI SS,SPR & over 2J setting,it's possible to be shorter life.
Because those sprigns gives extreme power over Toy. It's up to your operation & maintenance.

Please check if you know more detail each parts,please here
Precision Cylinder / Taper Cylinder Head / Spring Guide(APS-2) / HD Piston(APS-2)

This cylinder is NOT for 1st type of Type96.Please note that.If you don't find which type you have one,please check your cylinder shaft.12mm around is 2nd type,8mm around is 1st type.

Precision Cylinder : Toughnes & beauty Cylinder
We adapt new technology of 01 & 05 inner barrels called "cold hammering".This cylinder is same accuracy as Inner barrel. The inner diameter tolerance is 1/100mm In spite of cylinder.
We have never seen as this accuracy tolerance of this cylinder.

4 parallel pins

We use 4 parallel pins(Dia.3mm) to combine the boss end with cylinder body.No other makers is stronger than ours.Almost maker use a split pin which is weaker than parallel pin.

The welded points

Combine shaft & End Boss.

※The tolerance described by our company refers to the "straight" part which is not machined. The slotted part is not related to the airtight performance so its tolerance is not design to be as tight as other places.

Precision Cylinder SET Lv.3 HD

Taper Cylinder Head
Made of SUS303. The nozzle's length is for TYPE96(same as normal one) .
Its tapered line is the best suited angle for airflow.

Precision Cylinder SET Lv.3 HD

Hard Piston
The body: Made of Duralmin.
The End: Made of Stainless.
We use most suitable materials for each parts, so this piston has high durability.
Hard Piston can make more velocity than Vacuum Piston because of its hight airtight.
Precision Cylinder SET Lv.3 HD

Spring Guide
Made of Stainless and Polished,so it makes smooth action.
It has a thrust ring that made of derlin.
Please use PDI APS Spring , SPR or SS. Not available with normal spring cause our shaft is heavier than normal.
※If you use some higher power springs like SPR or SS series,those may damage your rifle.Please be careful.

This guide isn't available with cocking indicator.So please detach that one.Instead of that,if you want to cover,please use PDI End Screw.
Precision Cylinder SET Lv.3 HD
Sale \ 19,678 ( Includes Cylinder , Spring Guide , Cylinder Head , Hard Piston )
We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.

Please read the below policy
We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.
○We couldn't assure the trouble with your lack of skill.
○It may be required to adjust to fit because our custom parts reduce the clearance of normal parts to lead the best condition.
○Do not use the 3rd party products.Because we design with Normal parts or PDI-products.
 If you ignore our rule & breake up your guns、we couldn’t be responsible.
○It is possible to change the spec or design.