「TYPE96 Hop Up Chamber」

TYPE96 ホップアップ チャンバー

For Maruzen Type 96
This is the best chamber in this industry.We've never seen made by "Duralmin all machined" , "double Hop bar inside" & designed "Not jam"

We make the best accurate chamber by CNC.
It's an important parts about Sniper Rifle to aim precisely.It's an only chamber by all machined.

We use the shape of AEG barrel
We recommend to use PDI 01,04,05,08 Inner Barrel because they are made by using PDI HOP Chamber.
So you'll get a cynergy that this chamber eject a smooth Air , PDI barrel makes Bullet rapidly & far away.

We desined "Not jam"
Type96 Mag is made of Metal(zinc)so it's heavier than APS-2 Mag.
So it's possible to fall down when you shoot.If so,your rifle will be jammed.
We avoid this situation to spread a hole which is related the Cylinder nozzle.
This dsign is PDI chamber only.

How to adjust:Please detouch the Mag,you use the wrench to chamber.If you turn the right,bar is up & loose HOP.

★For MZ TYPE96 HOP UP Chamber Manual
TYPE96 ホップアップ チャンバー
TYPE96 ホップアップ チャンバー
You find the silver ring in front,please detouch when you use PDI 04 Inner Barrel.
TYPE96 ホップアップ チャンバー

PDI Chamber is not set to HOP Zero.
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We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.

Please read the below policy
We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.
○We couldn't assure the trouble with your lack of skill.
○It may be required to adjust to fit because our custom parts reduce the clearance of normal parts to lead the best condition.
○Do not use the 3rd party products.Because we design with Normal parts or PDI-products.
 If you ignore our rule & breake up your guns、we couldn’t be responsible.
○It is possible to change the spec or design.