「Koutetus Rifling Barrell / TM HI-CAPA5.1」
ライフリングバレル SET 1 /ハイキャパ 5.1

"Koutetsu" Rifling Barrel SET
For Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA5.1.
This set includes Chamber Cover and Outer Barrel. (2 pieace)
Made of Iron , all CNC machined and black oxide finish. It looks tough and wild.
We made account of reproducing mechanical section and durability .
(If you want to keep it clean, please do maintenance to prevent from rusting.).
The cutting mark and black oxide finish make this bushing close to real gun's one.

Made of Iron , All CNC machined and Black oxide finish
Finally for TM HI-CAPA5.1 "Koutetsu" Rifling Barrel & Chamber is arrived.
ライフリングバレル SET 1 /ハイキャパ 5.1

This is 2 piese type (Outer and Chamber) / This is Toy parts,so we need to make as separate.

This Pict. is 「Barsto BS40」。
It is based on STI slide & flame, and built in Bar-Sto Barrel.
It is almost the same in form with HI-CAPA.

● Mark of 「BARSTO」..
● Smooth Action ..We use 3D scanner to take the measure, and make Chamber cover to put in easily.

●Color Tone ..Black oxide finish can make Chamber & Outer close ti real gun's parts.

You can get real coler tone and exture because of same material as real gun's parts.
PDI "Koutetsu" series are made of S45C and black oxide finished.

鋼鉄ライフリングバレル /ハイキャパ 5.1
With Palsonite Inner Barrel for HI-CAPA5.1
鋼鉄ライフリングバレル /ハイキャパ 5.1
鋼鉄ライフリングバレル /ハイキャパ 5.1
鋼鉄ライフリングバレル /ハイキャパ 5.1
鋼鉄ライフリングバレル /ハイキャパ 5.1
The mark of "BARSTO 45 ACP " is made sharp & deep than ever before.
※This Picture's chamber is used many time for test, so there are mark of slide.
鋼鉄ライフリングバレル /ハイキャパ 5.1
鋼鉄ライフリングバレル /ハイキャパ 5.1

To improve the slide action.
These barrel series ,CS & stainless steel are heavier than original.You'll get a reality feeling ,on the other side,you may get problem to slide action.In that case please keep oil between slide & lower.It'll be good action.

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We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.
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 If you ignore our rule & breake up your guns、we couldn’t be responsible.
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