パルソナイトシリンダー/MARUZEN SR-2

For maruzen SR-2.
This product is made based on the precision cylinder, and it was given "palsonite" processing which is a surface treatment given to the car internal combustion engine etc. and has the characteristic in slipping and hardness.
This is a surface treatment with the best compatibility in the cylinder where the quality of the gun is decided.

We recommend using cylinder head, the guide and the piston made of PDI together with this product in consideration of the best fitting.
Internal parts are more highly accurate when thinking about the compressibility and airtight of air...
because we think like that, using parts made of PDI together is recommended.
Please note that the intended output might not be able to be put out, when pure parts are used.

The feature of this product is not to compromise to the process of manufacture, and to have the characteristic of the precision cylinder.
The cylinder made of PDI is composed of the main body with the boss.
There is no worry that comes off when it was cock, because after press-fitting,there are strongly united by a parallel pin made of the stainless steel of φ3mm (*4) and the YAG laser-welding machine.
It is a point to which our company has pride in this product as the highest cylinder.

※The tolerance described by our company refers to the "straight" part which is not machined. The slotted part is not related to the airtight performance so its tolerance is not design to be as tight as other places.




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We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.

Please read the below policy
We deem to get your agreement for the below policy when you place an order.
○We couldn't assure the trouble with your lack of skill.
○It may be required to adjust to fit because our custom parts reduce the clearance of normal parts to lead the best condition.
○Do not use the 3rd party products.Because we design with Normal parts or PDI-products.
 If you ignore our rule & breake up your guns、we couldn’t be responsible.
○It is possible to change the spec or design.